Tobacco BY-2 Cells

biologia plantarum
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  7. Cell cycle synchronization of tobacco BY-2 cells.

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Or filter your current search. Type: Research Support, Non-U. Abstract We studied polyamine PA biosynthesis, oxidation and conjugation in asynchronously dividing cells of tobacco BY-2 cell suspension culture Nicotiana tabacum L.

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We analyzed the levels of free and conjugated PAs and the activities of biosynthetic and catabolic enzymes during the subculture interval. The contents of free spermidine and spermine started to increase after the inoculation into the fresh medium, positively correlated with the mitotic activity of BY-2 cells and reached their maxima at the beginning of exponential phase on day 3.

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This involved the evaluation of costs of macro- and microsalts, vitamins, and plant hormones Supplementary Table S1. However, in many clones e. High-efficiency transformation of cultured tobacco cells. As observed by Holland et al. Notably, the visual selection was not applied during the subculturing regime.

On the contrary, the endogenous level of free Put showed a transient decline in the lag-phase, and then increased till the end of exponential phase day 5. The time-course of the content of PCA-soluble conjugates showed a trend similar to that of the free PAs.

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The inoculation of BY-2 cells into the fresh medium resulted in a sharp increase in the activities of ornithine decarboxylase ODC, EC 4. De novo synthesis of PAs in BY-2 cells after inoculation into the fresh medium and the participation of both PA conjugation with hydroxycinnamic acids and Put oxidative degradation in maintaining of free PA levels during the growth cycle are discussed.

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