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But Carmody killed them with her disinterest. I suspect Carmody never had a proper conclusion in mind when she started the series- or she had some ideas but they no longer made sense by the end- instead of working to find a satisfying conclusion to the sprawling epic she limped to the finish line with this hot mess… Whatever happened at least this stands as a warning of what NOT to do with your hugely successful epic fantasy series. The last pages of the page ebook version were excellent. However I could not give this book any higher score.

Some of the problems I had with it: - The writing : was not up to scratch. I have never seen so many pointless and inappropriate exclamation points. One page had 3!!! There was also several typos which were unforgivable considering it has taken 25 years for this final installment to come out. Parts that should have been important info were over in a few pages while utterly pointless rambling and asides were given hundreds of pages.

Like remember when Elspeth fell asleep thru a plot point which was been brewing since book 4? The utter anticlimax with Ariel. An antagonist which is developed over seven books should be dealt with in a meaningful way. In earlier books I was so invested in these characters. Mostly I felt irritated, unsurprised, bored or disengaged.

Dragon- totally new character really with no explanation of the change. She didn't feel like the character I knew from previous books and her sudden change meant that all the turns and twists of the previous books seemed wasted.

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Apparently all her character development occurred off stage before and after the book. So many characters' stories were left unresolved. I have read over a million words! I deserve to know what happened to characters I had been reading about for nearly 20 years.

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If you have read the other books you already know all this. What was worse she repeated herself even within this novel. Additionally Elspeth often makes assumptions that are incorrect.

Obernewtyn Chronicles

We have learnt this over many books. Why torture the reader with stupid assumptions which we know are wrong, devoting countless pages to thinking about it then with complete predictability have a 2 line explanation that reveals how utterly wrong she was. I realized almost immediately what was really causing the talent block. But I had to read through s of pages of her talking about finding the machine that was blocking talent. That was a huge problem in this novel. This book and the last were so disappointing. The entire contents of the previous book plus half of this book should have been condensed into the first pages of this book.

That would have allowed the important events to play out in much greater depth.

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In addition the pacing would have been hugely improved and the reader would have had regular action to keep the plot moving. It might not have been good or logical action but it would have been something. I read these books as a teenager originally and loved them. Elspeth was such a rare mc that was not a mary sue or obsessed with boys at any cost.

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The first four books were top notch. The next was exciting enough but I started to feel worried.

The 6th was so boring and awful and pointless that I was furious. This book was less disappointing then the 6th but I could have read just the final pages and understood the entire ending. I would not have got closure on a lot of characters but the book didn't offer any anyway.

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I grew up with these books which made the final two books so much more disappointing. Unless you are an absolute die hard fan of the series just read a plot summary. Not worth the money or time.

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The Sending book. Read 10 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Start by marking “The Red Queen (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, #7)” as Want to Read: Award-winning Australian author Isobelle Carmody concludes the epic story of Elspeth Gordie, a heroine in the vein of Tamora Pierce's most memorable and empowering protagonists. Isobelle Carmody began.

For more discussion on epic fantasy series that die painful deaths read my review of Firebrand. View all 39 comments. Jan 09, Eleanor Cummins added it. I was 10 when I first read Obernewtyn. I am 35 now and still waiting! I know we've been taunted before with release dates but this seems promising - Penguin Australia website says the same date!! And I'll only be 37 by then!!!

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View all 9 comments. Nov 23, Liz rated it it was ok. Mar 10, Renee rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy , dystopian , new-release Okay, here we go. Deep breath. Inhale, exhale.

Now where to begin? Along with how should I end and what am I going to do in the middle. The Red Queen is the long awaited and supposedly stunning conclusion to the lengthy Obernewtyn series Okay, here we go. The Red Queen is the long awaited and supposedly stunning conclusion to the lengthy Obernewtyn series by Isobelle Carmody. This book was most definitely long awaited, with it taking 25 years for Carmody to wrap up this series and 4 years between this final instalment and the penultimate one. However, it falls well and truly short of stunning. In this final book we once again join Elspeth Gordie on her quest to shut down the before computermachine, Sentinel, that still threatens the world with its arsenal of nuclear weapons, as well as her mission to set the Red Queen back on her throne.

But instead I spent that pages resisting the urge to throw this book across the room. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I could imagine this giant tome of a book doing some damage to whatever it collided with.

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Or rather, the complete and utter lack of editing. This book has. There were some giant mistakes in this book. Things that ranged from a lack of grammar and the wrong words being used, all the way to important plot points being forgotten and instead of Elspeth finding these things out, they just out of nowhere became fact.

Aside from these glaring mistakes was the sheer amount of time that Elspeth spent speculating on things instead of doing anything. I seriously think that if you cut out Elspeth mulling over things over, and over, and over again, this book would have been half as long. The lack of editing is such a big thing for me because of one reason. The date for the publication for this book kept getting pushed back and back with Carmody eventually releasing a statement asking her fans to be patient, she wanted to finish the story off right and well, after all she had spent such a long time with Elspeth.

The Red Queen

When I read this statement I thought fair enough, I want a good conclusion to the series too. But Carmody had four long years to write this book, and this is just a guess from me of course, but it looks as if she spent three of those years without her laptop even cracked, as this book reads like the first draft that it is. Firstly the chapters are excessively long with pages and pages of drivel and speculation with nothing happening in whole chapters or for even chapters at a time.

The problem is rather the fact that you can see the seams where the different parts were put together. The first part of the story and the last part of the story were clearly written first with the events at the start of the story being all but forgotten in the lengthy middle part only to start being referenced again at the end. You can clearly see where things have been forgotten and just left hanging as Carmody went off on yet another tangent, and things that were meant to have big reveals were casually mentioned earlier in the book by mistake.

Generally the writing in this book is just plain lazy. After the above mentioned pages of drivel action scenes were short and fleeting, or at times none existent. Lets move on to the characters. Firstly all of the characters speak in a stiff and strangely formal way regardless of their background and every single character seems to sound exactly the same, making it difficult to tell the characters apart especially when Carmody forgets who is in a scene and when characters seem to disappear or come out of nowhere.