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There's so much more to motherhood than serene baby snuggles and matching outfits. But there's a reason we've fallen so deeply in love with motherhood: It's the most beautiful, chaotic ride. Every single day, we sit back and wonder how something so hard can feel so rewarding.

Keep passion alive in your relationship

And Eva Mendes just managed to nail the reality of that with one quote. Eva, who is a mama to daughters Esmerelda and Amada with Ryan Gosling, got real about the messy magic of motherhood in a recent interview. But it's like that feeling of…you end your day, you put them to bed and Ryan and I kind of look at each other like, 'We did it, we did it. We came out relatively unscathed. And just like that, moms all over the world feel seen. We've all been there: Struggling to get through the day which, for the record is often every bit as fun as it is challenging , only to put those babies to sleep and collapse on the couch in sheer exhaustion.

But, after you've caught your breath, you realize just how strong and capable you really are. One thing Eva learned the hard way? That sleep regressions are very, very real But, at the end of the day, Eva loves her life as a mom—and the fact that she took a break from her Hollywood career to devote her days to raising her girls.

My labor and delivery was short and sweet. I started feeling contractions on Monday morning and by Tuesday night at pm my handsome baby boy was born. Only 30 minutes of pushing. Afterward, I was still out of it, to be honest. I held him and did some skin to skin and handed him off to my husband, my mother held him next. When he was in my mother's arms, I knew he was safe. I started to drift off, the epidural had me feeling drowsy and I had used up all my strength to push this 7 lb baby out.

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My son's eyes were open and then I guess he went to sleep too. My mother swayed him back and forth. The nurses were in and out, cleaning me up and checking in on us.

When yet another nurse came in, my mom said to her, "He wasn't latching because he wanted to sleep. After the nurse said these words, she flung my son onto the little baby bed. I looked over and he looked a little blue. In matters of seconds about 30 nursing staff descended into my room and crowded around my baby.

I couldn't even see what was happening. I tried to get out the bed but they wouldn't let me and after a couple of failed attempts one of the nurses look at me and said, "He's fine, he's breathing now. Breathing now? He wasn't breathing before? Again, I tried to push my way to my baby, but once again I was told to not move. They had just performed CPR on my minute old newborn and I couldn't understand what was happening even after a pediatrician tried to explain it to me. I just started crying.

He was fine in my stomach for 39 weeks and 6 days and now I bring him into this world and his heart nearly stops? I was told he needed to go to the neonatal intensive care unit. After what felt like an eternity we were finally allowed to see our son. My husband wheeled me there and we saw him in the corner alone. I saw the incubator and the wires, he's all bundled up. The nurse explained all the beeping and showed me the heart rate monitor. He's doing fine.

We go over the feeding schedule. I'm exhausted still. I stay with him until about 1 or 2 am. They all suggest I get some sleep. The next day was better, he doesn't have to be in the incubator anymore, but the wires remain.

By that night or early the next morning, the wires in his nose come out and I try feeding him. I try pumping. It was painful. He gets his first bath and he loves it. The nurse shampoos his hair he had a lot! The nurse explains that because he's full term he doesn't need the same type of support in the NICU. She tells me my baby's strong and he'll be fine. I look around. I see the other babies, the other moms.

They could be there for weeks. And unlike me, the moms have to go home—without their baby.

Feeling Secure

Friday comes and by now he's done all his tests, blood work came back normal, all tubes have been removed and I get it. I get my going-home package. I get my instructions on doctor follow-ups and we finally get to go home. There have been a lot of iconic entertainment magazine covers featuring pregnant women over the years. Pregnant women on a magazine covers is nothing new, but a visibly pregnant CEO on the cover of a business magazine, that's a first and it happened this week.

As Gelman told Today this week, "You can't be what you can't see, so I think it's so important for women to see that it's possible to run a fast-growing business and also to start a family. She continued: "It's so important to sort of burst that bubble and to have new images of women who are thriving and working professionally while balancing motherhood … My hope is that women see this and again feel the confidence to take greater professional risks while also not shelving their dreams of becoming a mother and starting a family.

The Wing started in as a co-working space for women and has grown rapidly. As Inc. Putting Gelman on the cover was an important move by Inc.

How to Save Your Marriage – The Experts Weigh-In

Yet most couples will not even do half of what is possible to save their marriage. Turn his back on his best friend if he put her down. For choices for Book 3 , click here. My advice to couples who are considering a divorce is to realize that a series of small decisions over a long period of time led to the disconnect, and that new small positive decisions can lead to a greater sense of connectedness. If you always have sex in bed, try the kitchen floor or a public place.

I have so much to do. Gelman says pregnancy made her slow down physically, and that it was actually good for her company: "I had this realization: The way to make my team and my employees feel proud to work for me and for the company was actually not to pretend to be superhuman or totally unaffected by pregnancy. We need this. We need CEOs to admit that they are human so that corporate leadership can see employees as humans, too.

Humans need things like family leave and flexibility , especially when they start raising little humans. There are a lot of iconic covers featuring pregnant women, but this one is different. She's wearing clothes and she's changing work culture. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn More Got It.

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