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The Missing Mathematics Notebook
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I'm bookmarking this one. These are some great ideas and I would love to begin using interactive notebooks this year in my math classes. What I don't understand, though, is how the students know what content to put into their foldables. If they do it individually or in small groups, how do you ensure all the needed content goes in?

If you do it together as a class, how do you allow their individual creativity to come out?

Math Notebook. This is a place for interactive math notebook ideas and examples, most of these ideas are not mine. Most are borrowed from Pinterest and some of the better resources for interactive math notebooks are located on the first example.

Step 2: Solve your equation

You can check out the link below, but the teachers who contribute to the blog have just got one-to-one with laptops and this is a great idea for any math classroom. They have all of their projects for the students to do linked to a Google site.

Pages 4 - 8 are used to set-up the table of contents. This is a great tool to help kids not only take better notes, but to help them learn how to use their resources when they get stuck. I made each chapter a different color so that it's easy to see where chapter breaks are.

We started on prime factors.

The Next Big Step for Wolfram|Alpha

Scientific Notebook does have its limitations. This notebook is great for my Physics lab. To learn how OneNote solved the problem, you can click or tap Show steps , and then select the detail of what you want to view. Take notes. SM Stationery 5pcs. In addition, make a few notes from the screens that explain a concept that is new to you or that you previously found unclear. The cover is not necessarily white, but it's what's inside that counts, and what's inside is pages of graph paper.

So of course, we had to make a foldable factor "tree". We had our big three-part lesson on prime factors, and so many students went back to their math journals to see the factor tree. There are some "extras" you can add to your notebook. Above you will see ribbon that has been taped into the book.

That served as a bookmark. I had the students knot the end because ribbon tends to fray. I liked the bookmark. Another teacher I know had student put beads on the end of their bookmark.


I also glued an envelope to the back cover. I saw another teacher do that and she used it for loose leaf papers. The same teacher also glued envelopes to the front cover and it stored things like homework and bathroom passes. Hot glue or tape a piece of ribbon to the inside cover. This makes it easier for students to flip to a particular portion of the math notebook much faster. Make sure the end of it is enough to stick out the bottom to go over the top. Word clouds are a great way to use vocabulary in your interactive math notebook.

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Maths Activity Notebook for 5 years old - Our Journey At Home - DIY Maths Notebook

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Maths Notebook

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