Logical Dilemmas: The Life and Work of Kurt Gödel

Logical dilemmas - the life and work of Kurt Gödel
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Kurt Gödel

Sort order. Apr 28, Fawzy Hegab rated it liked it Shelves: biographies. I've finished reading a week ago. The book is full of details of the life of Godel, which is good. It shows how Kurt Godel worked on his research in close, how his life was full of struggle and it shows his desire to rationalize the world.

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It also shows how the mathematical and philosophical communities reacted to his incompleteness theorems. It exposes briefly a sketch of mathematical logic and set theory, just a primer so that the layman can appreciate what is going on. It exposes his philosop I've finished reading a week ago.


It exposes his philosophical attitudes and it was surprising for me to know that Godel like his close friend, Einstein was not appreciating Quantum mechanics! I've also good some intuitions of some mathematical notions in the work of Godel. Also, from the book, I get to know some of the articles written by Godel, which will be a great thing to read.

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Undoubtedly the city of Vienna continued to hold its attractions for him, and he and Adele were surely reluctant to forsake their family ties there as well. Von Neumann algebra automorphisms and time thermodynamics relation in general covariant quantum theories - Connes, A. Equally remarkable is the near absence of library requests for readings in philosophy. So there is no reason to believe that he was confined there before then. Indeed, in , when the Chrysler Corporation opened a factory in Czechoslovakia, Rudolf August was among the first in the country to purchase one of their cars. Other required courses at the Realgymnasium included German, history, and geography eight years each ; religion five years ; free-hand drawing four years ; and, during the last two years, introduction to philosophy.

I should re-read the book again, and I will do that when possible and there will be a second more extended review. Sep 22, Kyle Strand rated it liked it. The subject matter was phenomenal, but unfortunately Dawson, though a good researcher and presumably a good mathematician , is just not a very good writer.

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Kurt Godel: The World's Most Incredible Mind (Part 1 of 3)

Category : Mathematics. Juliet Floyd - - Philosophia Mathematica 9 3 Hao Wang - - Bradford. Logical Dilemmas.

Dawson, Jr. Paul J. Cohen - - In Matthias Baaz ed.

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Cambridge University Press. Jack J.

Logical dilemmas: The life and work of kurt gödel | SpringerLink

Hahn , Thomas C. Simpson eds. Matthias Baaz ed.

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Jaakko Hintikka - Computation and Intractability: Echoes of Kurt Godel. Christos H. Papadimitriou - - In Matthias Baaz ed.